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Ohla Barcelona

  • Address: Via Laietana, 49, Ciutat Vella, 08003 Barcelona
  • Phone: +34933415050
  • Website:
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The highlights of the Rooftop Ohla Barcelona

We like:

  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Hotel

The pluses:

  • Panoramic view
  • Cocktail
  • Snack
  • Swimming pool
  • Wifi

The facilities:

  • Terrace
  • Suitable for PRM

Audience :

  • Recommended for couples
  • Recommended for seminars
  • Advised for families


  • Privatization possible

Elegant and Refined Rooftop in Ohla Barcelona

The Showcase of Urban Luxury

Located at the top of the iconic Ohla Barcelona hotel, the rooftop offers an immersion in elegance and refinement in the heart of the city. It’s much more than just a high place; it is a sensory experience that awakens the senses.

Panoramic View of the Rooftops of Barcelona

Perched above the rooftops of Barcelona, the rooftop offers a striking panoramic view of the urban skyline. From modern skyscrapers to historic monuments, every corner of the city becomes a piece of art observed from this exclusive perch.

Sophisticated and Relaxed Atmosphere

The atmosphere that reigns on the Ohla Barcelona rooftop is a perfect balance between sophistication and relaxation. Well-designed lounge spaces, soothing colors and a touch of glamor create an ambiance where you feel both privileged and relaxed.

Sparkling Pool and Lounge Areas

The sparkling pool and lounge areas offer a relaxed luxury experience. Dive into the refreshing waters while enjoying craft cocktails, or relax in the comfortable lounge areas for a well-deserved break.

A Meeting with Gastronomy

The Ohla Barcelona rooftop is not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the taste buds. An exceptional gastronomic experience awaits you, with local flavors and innovative creations that combine tradition and modernity.

Magical Moments at Sunset

The rooftop transforms into a magical place at sunset. Warm hues flood the space, creating an idyllic backdrop for romantic dates or simply appreciating the beauty of Barcelona after dark.

An Exclusive Urban Sanctuary

In summary, the Ohla Barcelona rooftop is not just a place, but an exclusive urban sanctuary. It is an experience where exceptional views, enchanting atmosphere and modern refinement merge to create an unforgettable escape to the top of the Catalan city. An invitation to taste the essence of luxury above Barcelona.

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