Rooftop Majestic Hotel and Spa Barcelona , La Dolce Vitae in Barcelona
Rooftop Majestic Hotel and Spa Barcelona , La Dolce Vitae in Barcelona - 1
Rooftop Majestic Hotel and Spa Barcelona , La Dolce Vitae in Barcelona - 2

Majestic Hotel and Spa Barcelona , La Dolce Vitae

  • Address: Pg. de Gràcia, 68, L'Eixample, 08007 Barcelona
  • Phone: +34934881717
  • Website:
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The highlights of the Rooftop Majestic Hotel and Spa Barcelona , La Dolce Vitae

We like:

  • Exceptional view
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Hotel

The pluses:

  • Panoramic view
  • Cocktail
  • Snack
  • Swimming pool
  • Wifi

The facilities:

  • Terrace
  • Jacuzzi/Spa
  • Car park
  • Suitable for PRM

Audience :

  • Recommended for couples
  • Recommended for seminars
  • Advised for families


  • Privatization possible

Dolce Vitae Rooftop: Mediterranean Radiance at the Top of the Majestic Hotel

Enchanting Elegance

Perched on the heights of the Majestic hotel, the Dolce Vitae rooftop is much more than a terrace; it is an experience of enchanting elegance. Every detail, carefully orchestrated, reveals the very essence of Mediterranean luxury.

Magnificent Panoramic View

The panoramic view from the rooftop is simply magnificent. Barcelona's skyline blends seamlessly with the Sagrada Família, creating a picturesque backdrop that awakens the senses and invites contemplation.

Sparkling Pool and Elegant Lounge Areas

The sparkling swimming pool is the jewel of Dolce Vitae. Surrounded by elegant lounge areas, it offers an oasis of refinement. Immerse yourself in its waters while admiring the urban landscape or relax in the sophisticated nooks and crannies that invite you to relax.

Creative Cocktail Menu

The rooftop bar offers a creative cocktail menu that pushes the limits of the imagination. Talented mixologists transform each drink into an exquisite taste experience, making Dolce Vitae a temple of mixology.

Night Charm and Enchanted Sunset

À As the sun sets, the rooftop lights up with nocturnal charm. The golden hues of dusk create a magical atmosphere, perfect for romantic dates or moments of pure wonder.

An Exceptional Place for All Occasions

Whether it's for a lively evening, a casual brunch, or luxurious relaxation, Dolce Vitae adapts to all occasions. Its versatile ambiance makes it ideal for couples, families and special events.

Tailored Privatization and PMR Access

Privatization of the rooftop is possible, offering a tailor-made experience for exclusive events. In addition, access to people with mobility Reduced admission is assured, guaranteeing an inclusive experience.

Wifi, Parking and Other Amenities

With services such as WiFi, easy access to parking, and other amenities, the Dolce Vitae rooftop ensures that every visit is as convenient as it is luxurious.

Conclusion: The Mediterranean Art of Living at the Summit

In summary, the Dolce Vitae rooftop transcends expectations, capturing the Mediterranean art of living at the top of Barcelona. It is a place where elegance, exceptional views and hospitality. Refined people meet to create an unforgettable experience in the Catalan city. An enchanting chapter opens every visit, writing the history of Mediterranean luxury.

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