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  • Address: Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin
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The highlights of the Rooftop Klunkerkranich

We like:

  • Exceptional view
  • Bar

The pluses:

  • Panoramic view
  • Cocktail
  • Happy hour
  • Snack
  • Brunch
  • Wifi

The facilities:

  • Terrace

Audience :

  • Recommended for couples
  • Advised for families

Klunkerkranich: A Jewel on the Rooftops of Berlin

In Neukölln, the iconic Klunkerkranich rooftop is much more than just a view of Berlin. It’s a cultural sanctuary perched atop a shopping center. Discover this unique place that perfectly combines panoramic views, friendly atmosphere and vibrant artistic scene.

An Urban and Artistic Oasis

Located above the Neukölln Arcaden shopping center, Klunkerkranich is a green oasis offering a delightful mix of garden, beer garden and art scene. The climb to the top reveals a creative space with a bohemian atmosphere, where art and nature merge harmoniously.

Stunning Atmosphere and View

When you reach the top, the view over Berlin leaves you speechless. Colorful rooftops, iconic towers, and 360-degree views offer you an unforgettable panorama. Add to that breathtaking sunsets and starry nights, and you have a unique visual experience.

A Cultural Range

Klunkerkranich is much more than just a rooftop bar. It is a lively cultural place that offers a myriad of events. Live concerts, artistic performances, creative workshops and pop-up markets follow one another, offering a constantly evolving cultural experience.

Fusion of Art and Relaxation

This rooftop is a melting pot of culture and relaxation. Wooded areas dotted with tables and chairs encourage relaxation, while local artists display their art, adding a creative dimension to the relaxed ambiance.

Address and Access

Klunkerkranich is located above the Neukölln Arcaden, accessible by elevator or stairs. The entrance is discreet, but the discovery is well worth the detour for this unique experience.

Klunkerkranich, in brief

Klunkerkranich is much more than just a rooftop. It's a place that embodies the spirit of Berlin - artistic, diverse, and lively. A visit to Klunkerkranich promises unforgettable views, a relaxed atmosphere and a dive into the city's vibrant culture.

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