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Bocca Nissa

  • Address: 3 Rue Saint-François de Paule, 06300 Nice
  • Phone: 0493823481
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The highlights of the Rooftop Bocca Nissa

We like:

  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Hotel

The pluses:

  • Panoramic view
  • Cocktail
  • Snack
  • Swimming pool
  • Brunch

The facilities:

  • Terrace

Audience :

  • Recommended for couples
  • Recommended for seminars
  • Advised for families

Panoramic view of the Baie des Anges

A breathtaking view

From the top of Bocca Nissa, guests are transported into a world of splendor where the infinite blue of the Mediterranean blends harmoniously with the azure sky. Every glance at the horizon offers a striking spectacle, with the dancing waves caressing the coast and the sailboats gliding gracefully through the sparkling waters.

The panoramic view from Bocca Nissa is a true invitation to contemplation and reflection, offering a haven of peace where the mind can escape and recharge its batteries. Whether at sunrise, when the first rays set the horizon ablaze, or at sunset, when the sky is adorned with golden hues, every moment spent admiring this breathtaking view is an unforgettable experience.

Privileged observatory on the Bay of Angels

The Bocca Nissa stands proudly as a privileged observatory on the majestic Bay of Angels, offering its visitors a unique perspective on one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean. Nestled at the top, this oasis of tranquility offers breathtaking views of the emblematic sites of Nice.

From the heights of Bocca Nissa, visitors can contemplate the Promenade des Anglais which extends majestically along the coast, the picturesque Old Nice with its lively and colorful streets, as well as the Port where boats sail peacefully on the sparkling waters. Whether day or night, the observatory offers a spectacular view that is sure to capture anyone's imagination.

Authentic Mediterranean Atmosphere

Charm and typically Mediterranean atmosphere

The Bocca Nissa seduces its visitors with its authentic charm and its typically Mediterranean atmosphere. The influences of the region permeate every corner of this rooftop, creating a warm and captivating atmosphere that invites relaxation and conviviality.

Warm tones and natural materials blend harmoniously to create a welcoming and refined decor, reminiscent of the picturesque villages that dot the Mediterranean coast. Olive trees and palm trees provide a soothing touch of greenery, while touches of blue recall the proximity of the sea.

The atmosphere at Bocca Nissa is both relaxed and sophisticated, offering an ideal setting for meeting up with friends, family or lovers. Whether sipping a cocktail at sunset or savoring a delicious meal under the stars, every moment spent at Bocca Nissa is a true invitation to live fully in the present moment.

Captivating decor between sea and sky

The Bocca Nissa offers a captivating setting where the sea and the sky meet in perfect harmony. Visitors are transported into a universe where the elements blend together to create a unique and captivating atmosphere, where the infinite blue of the Mediterranean merges with the azure sky.

The clean lines and natural materials used in the decor of Bocca Nissa reinforce this feeling of harmony with the environment. Large floor-to-ceiling windows allow diners to take full advantage of the spectacular view, while the sunny terraces provide an ideal relaxation space to recharge while admiring the breathtaking scenery.

Every detail of the decor is carefully considered to create an immersive experience where visitors can let themselves be carried away by the beauty of their surroundings. Whether for a moment of solo relaxation, an evening with friends or a special celebration, the captivating decor of Bocca Nissa promises an unforgettable experience where every moment is magical.

Fresh and Tasty Mediterranean Cuisine

Sunny flavors of the Mediterranean

At Bocca Nissa, guests are invited to discover a culinary journey to the heart of the sunny flavors of the Mediterranean. Each dish is a tribute to the region's culinary traditions, showcasing fresh, local ingredients to create delicious and refined dishes.

Mediterranean flavors are available in a variety of dishes, from fresh salads to grilled seafood to local specialties revisited with a contemporary twist. Aromatic herbs, fragrant spices and extra virgin olive oils bring an explosion of flavors that awaken the taste buds and delight the senses.

Each bite is an invitation to travel, offering guests an unforgettable gastronomic experience in an enchanting setting. Whether for a light lunch on the terrace, a romantic dinner at sunset or a feast with friends, the sunny flavors of the Mediterranean are in the spotlight at Bocca Nissa, promising a true festival for the senses.

Quality local products

Quality is a priority, and this is reflected in the meticulous choice of local produce used in each dish. Bocca Nissa's chefs source from the most renowned local producers, selecting fresh, seasonal ingredients to guarantee authentic flavors and incomparable taste.

Local products, grown with care in the surrounding areas, bring a touch of authenticity to each dish. From crunchy vegetables to fragrant aromatic herbs, each ingredient is carefully chosen for its freshness and quality, ensuring an exceptional dining experience in every bite.

By favoring local products, Bocca Nissa also supports the local economy and helps preserve the region's culinary traditions. Diners can enjoy their meal with complete confidence, knowing that each ingredient has been selected with the greatest care to provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Artisan Cocktails and Local Wines

Creative cocktails with Mediterranean flavors

Discover a selection of cocktails at Bocca Nissa that will instantly transport you to the Mediterranean sun. Our talented bartenders have created unique creations, skillfully blending the vibrant flavors of the region with refined ingredients to offer you an unforgettable taste experience.

Immerse yourself in a world of freshness and innovation with our cocktails with captivating aromas. Each drink is a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, showcasing local ingredients carefully selected for their quality and freshness.

Succumb to temptation with our signature cocktails, which will seduce you with their originality and creativity. Whether you opt for a revisited classic or a daring creation, each sip will transport you to the heart of the Mediterranean, for an incomparable sensory experience.

Selection of regional and international wines

Bocca Nissa offers you an exceptional selection of regional and international wines, carefully chosen to complement your culinary experience. Our wine cellar offers a variety of prestigious wines, highlighting the richness and diversity of Mediterranean terroirs as well as renowned vineyards from around the world.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine with our careful selection, which highlights the best products from the region. From fresh, fruity white wines to full-bodied, balanced reds, each bottle has been selected for its unique character and authentic expression of the terroir.

For wine lovers, our team of sommeliers is on hand to guide you in choosing the perfect wine to accompany your meal. Whether you are an informed connoisseur or simply curious to discover new flavors, our selection will satisfy the most demanding palates.

Live Musical Ambiance

Spellbinding musical entertainment

Immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience at Bocca Nissa with our captivating musical entertainment. Every evening, our rooftop comes to life with a diverse selection of talented artists who create a captivating soundscape, ranging from elegant jazz to relaxing lounge beats.

Let yourself be carried away by the captivating melodies that mingle with the gentle murmur of the sea breeze, adding a magical touch to your evening. Whether sipping a glass of regional wine or enjoying a delicious cocktail, our musical entertainment perfectly complements the warm and friendly atmosphere of Bocca Nissa.

Sit back comfortably and let yourself be immersed in the music that permeates the air, creating an incomparable ambiance that invites you to relax and fully enjoy the present moment. Whether you are alone, as a couple or with friends, our musical entertainment is the perfect opportunity to create memorable memories in an enchanting setting.

Live concerts for a festive atmosphere

The rooftop transforms at nightfall with live concerts that breathe contagious energy into the atmosphere. Every week, the stage comes alive with the sound of talented local and international musicians, offering dynamic and captivating performances.

The captivating rhythms, ranging from iconic rock to timeless pop hits, including funky and soulful melodies, create an electric and festive atmosphere. Whether you want to dance the night away or simply relax listening to music with friends, live concerts at Bocca Nissa promise an unforgettable experience in an enchanting setting.

Comfortably seated with refreshing drinks, guests let themselves be carried away by the catchy groove that envelops the atmosphere. Whether you're a passionate music lover or simply looking for an entertaining evening, live concerts offer an immersive and thrilling experience for all lovers of good music.

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