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  • Address: 788 Brickell Plaza #40, FL 33131 Miami
  • Phone: +17868054655
  • Website:
  • Our rating:
  • Average price:

The highlights of the Rooftop Sugar

We like:

  • Exceptional view
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Hotel

The pluses:

  • Panoramic view
  • Cocktail
  • Happy hour
  • Snack
  • Swimming pool
  • Brunch
  • Wifi

The facilities:

  • Terrace
  • Suitable for PRM

Audience :

  • Recommended for couples
  • Recommended for seminars
  • Advised for families


  • Privatization possible

Sugar at EAST Miami: Where Elegance and Spectacular Views Meet

Located atop the EAST Hotel in Brickell, Sugar offers more than just breathtaking panoramic views of Miami. It’s a true urban paradise that skillfully combines sophistication, innovative cocktails and a vibrant ambiance.

Aerial Elegance and Panoramic Views

As soon as you go up to Sugar, an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere is evident. The modern and chic decoration is enhanced by a breathtaking view of the Miami skyline. From shimmering skyscrapers to the sparkling waters of Biscayne Bay, the urban skyline blends seamlessly with the coastal panorama, providing a magical backdrop for unforgettable evenings.

Creative Cocktails and Lounge Ambiance

Le Sugar stands out with a menu of creative and refreshing cocktails. Talented mixologists concoct unique beverages, skillfully fusing exotic flavors and artistic presentations. Whether a classic cocktail revisited or an exclusive creation, each drink is an invitation to escape into an ocean of flavors.

The lounge atmosphere at Sugar perfectly completes the experience. Soaring music, comfortable seating and attentive service create a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere, ideal for relaxing with friends or for a romantic evening under the stars.

An Enchanting Destination in Brickell

Sugar is more than just a rooftop: it's a must-see destination in Brickell. With its elegant setting and stunning views, this place is perfect for celebrating special occasions, evenings with friends or romantic dates, while enjoying the essence of Miami's vibrant nightlife.

Sugar at EAST Miami: An Urban Paradise for Cocktails and Breathtaking Views

In short, Sugar at EAST Miami embodies the perfect marriage of sophistication, breathtaking views and unique sensory experiences. Whether sipping exquisite cocktails, reveling in the lounge ambiance or simply losing yourself in the splendor of the city vistas, a visit to Sugar promises a memorable getaway to one of Miami's most popular rooftops.

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